Friday, August 10, 2007


NAME: Natasha
AGE: 35
SITE: Milf Seeker

DESC: “Natasha was out picking up kitty litter for her pussy when we ran into her. Her pussy was in desperate need of attention and we were just the ones to groom that unloved mom pussy back into a lean sex machine. We made sure to poke her mama pussy with just the right amount of firm yet tender lusting care. Don't miss out as our Alley Cats pounce on this Mama Pussy.”

MY TAKE: What an exotic-looking babe. this Natasha. If this is what's waiting for me at my local Petco, maybe it's time for another kitty litter run!


42min vid; 236pics

Thursday, August 9, 2007


NAME: Ashden
AGE: ??
SITE: MilfHunter

DESC: “Hunter had some laundry to do. We ended up at the strip mall and ran into a tight little lady waiting for her manicure. We had to act fast. She was up in 30 minutes and we wanted her bagged and tagged. Time was of the essence, but Hunter is a horny ass man. So, Hunter, being who he is, stuck around and stuck it in... Ashden has taken good care of that twat over the years.”

MY TAKE: No idea how old she is in this session, but she definitely looks to be on the youngish side of gorgeous. Playful and lively too! Fake titties aren't too huge... just right. And with that yummy ass... mmmmmm.


Wednesday, August 8, 2007


NAME: Summer
AGE: 43
SITE: Milf Seeker

DESC: “This sexy milf is out strolling around for the evening, walking up to her we could tell that she was in need of a good romping! Working our way into milfs panties is our job, and boy do we LOVE our job!! Especially when it comes to hot horny milfs like Summer!! All ABOARD THIS MILF BANG SQUAD IS READY FOR ANOTHER RIDE!!”

MY TAKE: She's not the youngest-looking, but young enough. In fact, of all the MILF content I've seen to date, she looks most like a real-life friend's mom, someone I've fantasized about since I was a kid. Translation: HOT!


37min vid; 150pics

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Getting That Extra Credit

SITE: MILF Lessons

DESC: “So I came late to class today... I missed my bus, so whats it to ya! Anyway I shows up to class and the teacher says its my third one... I'm like 'what do you mean this is my third time?!' So for being a smart ass she put me up for detention. So i showed up on time this time and the teacher wasnt there! I was pissed why did she set up a time if she wasnt going to be there. I was gonna let her have it. I waited for half and hour before she came strolling in. She apologized to me and told me how she would like to thank me for being a patient student. She let me feel her breasts...oh they were nice and round and smooth and delicious. I wrapped my tounge around them and squeezed them on my face. Then she sucked my cock and slurped it unit i almost popped in her mouth. The best part was i got to fuck her on her desk , i knocked down all the stuff that was littered on the desk put her back to and i put my back into it. I fucked her good and pounded her til i came. Thats what i call getting extra credit.”

MY TAKE: Huge fake boobs, pretty face, perfect ass and shags like the dickens... why don't I remember instructors like her back when I was in school? And they say life is fair...


Monday, August 6, 2007


NAME: Sabree
AGE: 38
SITE: MilfHunter

DESC: “Starting the day at my first choice of hunting spots. We went in and immediately got a hint on who I was going to hunt down. I just had to find my way into her. We found that she is very down to earth and not shy at all. She is definitely a milf. After I found out that she loves dogs, I went in for the kill. I got her to come over to check out my dog, so she could take care of him while I was gone. It was love at first site when they met.”

MY TAKE: Excellent, particularly if you like fresh-faced, all-natural, youngish-looking MILF-next-door types! Sabree is truly hot, with just enough of what's needed in all the right places. She's supposed to be 38, but man, if my wife looks like that at 38, I'd be in heaven! Probably one of my faves. So far. :-)


48min vid; 278pics